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In today's economy, it is important to account for expenditures. Our tagline "Every Drop Counts" is intended to relay our offering of quality products and services with the ability to account for every last drop. 

Lard Oil's commitment to advanced technology has played a major role in our company's success. We bring technology and innovation to the marketplace with SMARTlogix, SMARTank, and SMARTruck. The result is extremely satisfied customers who are seeing a positive effect on their bottom line. 



Crawler Supply Company


Situation:  Hurricane Katrina caused a significant increase in the rental and purchase of heavy equipment used by contractors for clean up and for the rebuilding of devastated areas in Louisiana and Mississippi.  This increase in movement of equipment required Crawler Supply  to expand their fleet of 18-wheeler flat bed trucks in order to deliver equipment to customers in both states.  The fleet expansion caused the consumption of fuel to double, putting a burden on the Crawler staff to constantly “stick gauge” levels in the tanks.  Lard Oil Company recommended Smartank Monitor technology on the fuel tanks.


Results:  The installation of Smartank monitors allowed for wireless remote and continuous monitoring of fuel levels in tanks.  Lard Oil Company and Crawler Supply agreed on a “critical low” level for the monitoring system and Lard Oil Company dispatches a fuel truck when the tank gets to that critical level.


Benefit: “Zero Down Time” due to fuel shortages.  This monitoring system also enables Crawler to receive accurate and prompt deliveries and to have access to a complete history of fuel deliveries and consumption.


Impact:  “We now have peace of mind when it concerns our on-site fuel tanks. Fuel monitoring by Lard Oil Company allows us to concentrate on dispatching equipment to job sites and to concentrate on everyday equipment duties within the company.  We no longer have to stick gauge the tanks because Lard Oil Company is constantly monitoring the tanks.  This technology and investment by Lard Oil Company allows Crawler Supply employees to perform other duties without worrying about fuel shortages.”