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Certified Lubrication Specialists

Utilize the application knowledge of our STLE CLS certified staff to deliver documented performance benefits through:
- Detailed lubrication instructions
- Feed rate or leak study
- Gear, bearing, hydraulic inspection
- Lubricant scheduling software
- Lubrication training
- Root cause failure analysis
- System and component inspections
- System studies
- Troubleshooting


Filter IT

A series of on-site reclamation and equipment reliability services aimed at reducing oil consumption and machine part replacement costs while optimizing equipment availability.
- Oil reclamation services
- Emergency water/particulate removal
- Bearing/system flushes
- Turbine commissioning


"GOLD" Grease Tote System

Grease One-Way Logistics Delivery totes. These 1,800 lb. totes are are the next generation being used by customers and unlike plastic and metal grease totes, they do not require constant cleaning and maintenance.  They are dispensed using an automated roller system which squeezes most of the grease out of the bag resulting in <0.01% clingage. 


Lubegard Desiccant Breathers

Water and contamination are the top 2 sources of failure and lubricant breakdown. Desiccant breathers effectively remove dirt and water condensation as the reservoir breathes.


Lube Surveys and Color Lubrication Charts & Tags

The correct lubricant in the right application will prolong equipment life and reduce downtime. 


Mobil Planned Engineering Services (P.E.S.)

The Mobil P.E.S. Program has been utilized for over 80 years with great success in all industries. Utilizing a four-stage process, ExxonMobil engineers plan, implement, and document cost savings for these exclusive customers.


Mobil Serv Oil Analysis

Extend equipment life, minimize downtime and decrease oil consumption with the simplicity of Mobil Serv Oil Analysis. The process is as simple as scanning your oil sample and sending to the lab for analysis and personalized, actionable recommendations. Log in from any mobile device to review data and analytics or for account management. 


Synthetic Technology

Synthetics are a "problem solver" in high temperature, high loading, corrosive, low temperature, and critical applications. We can survey our equipment to determine areas where synthetics will provide benefits.


Training Seminars

Properly trained personnel can dramatically improve equipment reliability and reduce maintenance costs.